Start The Showboating With DreadBall MVP Pack

January 13, 2014 by brennon

What's a sports game without a little bit of showboating? Thankfully that's not been forgotten with DreadBall from Mantic Games and their Showboaters All-Star MVP Pack...

MantiCorp Showboater MVP PackThe Veteran & Thunder Chris (top left and top right respectively) are pretty awesome looking characters that would be neat to add to your team but despite the fact he's riding a dinosaur I just can't bring myself to like the sculpt of Drake and the Dynamic Dinobot. Something about him looks a bit off.

The rules for these folk can be found in your rulebook so maybe this Dinobot has some qualities beyond the sculpt that can make him worth taking.

A nice addition overall though to keep the character and individualism of DreadBall flowing.

Which is your favourite?

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