And the Winner of the Corporation Female Team Is…

October 8, 2012 by brennon

We had a naming competition in conjunction with Mantic Games to name the Female Corporation Team for DreadBall Season 2. Jake Thornton took a look through all of the suggestions and has given us a little information on his final choice...


"Beasts of War!
You are a naughty lot. We have to print this stuff!

Sifting out some of the naughtier suggestions, we are still left with a huge selection of very good names. I’m expecting to see some of these in tournaments over the next few years.

Honourable mentions go to tasker’s Glamour Slammers and Brennon’s Ventalli Vipers which both have a nice rhythm to them and I can imagine being shouted by crowds of screaming fans.

Asurionkris had loads of variations on ISOtropic which I thought was a very interesting name (even if the meaning is odd for a Corporation entity). Looks good though.

I particularly like the entries that had a little background attached, like primalace’s Vadus Vixens. Well worth the extra effort, and got you into the final handful. A note for future competitions, perhaps.

Neldoreth’s Lavtrack Dynamics (which I’m sure must be rude in a way I don’t understand) was my choice of runner up, and I so nearly picked him as the winner. However, there can be only one, as they say in the movies. And the winner in this case is stevezero’s Void Sirens.

Thanks again for all your efforts. I know it’s a cliché to say that the standard was high, but it really was, and that made my job pleasantly tricky.

See you on the pitch!"


So there you have it! Congratulations to stevezero for his name and we hope you enjoy getting your hands on that Female Corporation Team in the near future!

Well done to all involved and look out for more competitions in the future!

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