DreamForge Show Off Heavy Troopers & Space StuGs!

August 29, 2014 by brennon

DreamForge Games have put together the awesome final artwork for their Valkir Heavy Troopers and it's looking very flash since it also shows off the rather spiffing looking Eisenkern StuG tanks that I know will make Warren a very happy man indeed...

Valkir Heavy Troopers & Eisenkern StuG

These heavy troopers come with twenty per box and a mass array of weaponry to bring to bear too. We'll show off a few more of them in detail in a minute below but let's just take another look back at those awesome 'space StuGs'! You know Warren has been making up a strike team for Warhammer 40,000 recently? Maybe he'll end up including these as an Imperial Guard asset on the battlefield!

One neat thing the designer added was that he liked the idea that the StuGs had been facing down the Mortis you can see under the rubble in the background and instead of trying to take it on just collapsed a building on top of it. Sounds perfectly legitimate as a strategy to me!

Valkir Heavy Troopers #1

Valkir Heavy Troopers #2

Valkir Heavy Troopers #3

Some great looking heavy infantry models that look like they have real weight to them without appearing cumbersome and awkward. You can imagine them being able to walk around in all that armour and carry the guns. Talking of guns, those are some nice takes on weaponry from grenade launchers to flame throwers and standard rifles. Perfect for a heavily clad force on the battlefield.

What do you think of these heavy infantry and their space StuG?

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