Heavy Support & Female Stormtroopers From Dreamforge!

May 27, 2014 by brennon

Dreamforge Games have posted up another update chock full of awesome renders for their upcoming miniatures. We'll kick things off with these brilliant looking Female Stormtroopers I think...

Black Widow Stormtrooper

Female Stormtrooper Heads

Female Troopers

Now that is an awesome selection of female soldiers I think. These miniatures have been through a bit of a redesign to make them look at once more identifiably female but also not skimp on the hardcase look. If you're looking to make yourself a whole host of female Militarum Tempestus soldiers then you could well be on the way to doing so with this set.

Heavy Support Troops

Heavy Support Troops (Rear)

Of course it wouldn't be a proper update on Dreamforge without some massive guns and they have delivered with these Eisenkern Heavy Support Troopers. I think all of those weapons are bloody brilliant and these genuinely look like soldiers who would blow the opponent away with withering firepower. The stances, while static, are very cinematic and I can already see the mass of light and noise in my head when these guys warm up their guns.

What do you think?

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