Go Hunting With DreamForge’s Female Panzerjager!

November 19, 2014 by brennon

DreamForge Games have added to their Eisenkern faction with some Female Panzerjager who will be hunting down tanks and other armoured enemies to blow them to pieces...

Female Panzerjager

Eisenkern Panzerjager Female StormtroopersAbove you can see the kit that you get to make your Stromtroopers into their female counterparts. As you'll see there is no boob-plating to be sen anywhere here as, you guessed it, when wearing armour as heavy as this you wouldn't be able to tell!

Female Troopers #1

Female Troopers #2

Female Troopers #3

Some rather awesome looking soldiers and it's great to see that something as simple as changing the legs gives you a noticeable change in the gender yet doesn't make it overly apparent. It might be quite cool to use these as Militarum Tempestus in a new Astra Militarum army for Warhammer 40,000 and of course in pretty much any Sci-Fi game you like.

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