Protect the Paranet in the Dresden Files RPG

March 7, 2014 by dracs

What if I told you right now that magic was real in the world? Would your first reaction be to hide under the covers, or would you grab staff and blasting rod and go for a ride on a zombie T-Rex? Such is the world of the Dresden Files RPG and it is due a new supplement.

Dresden Files Your Story

The rich, urban fantasy setting of the Dresden Files is perfect for role playing, so it is unsurprising that the RPG has a strong following.

This new supplement, called the Paranet Papers, will open up the world through the branching magical community, providing players with new contacts and story telling opportunities to exploit.

Paranet Papers

In the books, the Paranet is an information web set up by titular hero Harry Dresden to help the less skilled members of the supernatural community stay in contact and keep safe from the myriad of nasties that will come slinking out of the night after them. It has grown since its establishment to become a major part of the book series.

Obviously, a web of supernaturally savvy individuals is going to provide plenty of new gaming opportunities, both in terms of players interacting with their world and in the stories themselves.

On top of this, Dresden Files RPG designers Evil Hat Productions have stated they are currently working on a new rules-light version of the game they are calling Dresden Files Accelerated. This is pretty good news as I have heard that one thing preventing people from getting into the RPG is that the rules can seem somewhat daunting.

Have any of you played the Dresden Files RPG? Fancy joining the Paranet when it gets released this year?

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