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Dropzone Commander: Using the Shaltari Tarantula Effectively


Use the Shaltari Tarantula Effectively, what weapons to use and what to target.

Dropzone Commander: Combating Shaltari Tarantula


Find out how to deal with these troublesome Dropzone Commander units.

Dropzone Commander: Scourge Annihilator Gaming Tips


In this episode of Drop Tactics Simon from  Hawk Wargames gives us all some great gaming tips on how to use the Scourge Annihilator!

Counteracting the Scourge Annihilator in Dropzone Commander


In this XLBS episode Simon and Warren explore options to counteract the Scourge Annihilator in a game of Dropzone Commander. Do you have your own ways of dealing with the Annihilator? If so post them inside!

Dropzone Commander: How Terrain Affects Tournament Play


In this XLBS episode for Beasts of War Backstagers Simon and Warren look at how terrain affects tournament play and discuss strategies for using terrain during a game of Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone Commander: Terrain & Gaming Table Set Up Tips


In the first of a new series called Drop Tactics Simon from Hawk Wargames gives us all some great tips on how best to set up a gaming table for Dropzone Commander.

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