Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Ending Today

December 3, 2015 by brennon

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Hawk Wargames' Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter is ending today having smashed through all manner of stretch goals! Don't forget that we've also been showing off a lot of the mechanics behind the game in our videos like the one above. You can find more of them at our Dropfleet Commander section of the website HERE too...

Dropfleet Commander

The main set for Dropfleet Commander will feature the fleets from both the UCM and Scourge which you can see below. Each of the ships will come with those intricate dials underneath them as bases which enable you to keep track of all of the details during your games.

UCM Fleet

Scourge Fleet

While this might be the very core of the game you can go on over to their Kickstarter and see what else is going to be available with your pledge. For those of you who don't know about Dropfleet Commander it is an orbital space battle game where you control fleets of ships trying to take control of the planet surface below whilst also fighting each other.

Dropfleet Commander Videos

Each of the fleets has a different style to them and thankfully we've seen the funding level raise high enough to add another fleet to the tabletop in the Shaltari. The PHR are also around the corner but we don't have a full fleet for them yet!

Shaltari Fleet

All manner of different Add-Ons or Bolt-Ons are also available for the game now including additional maps to play across, terrain in the form of modular space stations, and even a big 2-Up version of one of the UCM ships, the Beijing Class Battleship.


If you want to check out what has already been unlocked by the campaign in list form then see below...

Stretch Goals

...as you can see they have smashed through quite a lot of different upgrades and such for your pledges. Justin and John from our team have joined in on this Kickstarter and should be getting themselves some hefty Starter Fleets and a few optional extras.

Hopefully we'll be able to crack them out on a future Weekender or Unboxing episode.

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