Hawk Wargames Reveal More Details On Dropfleet Spaceship Game!

May 1, 2015 by brennon

Hawk Wargames, in their Latest Newsletter, revealed more details about Dropfleet (work in progress) which will be their new take on the spaceship games we've all been loving over the past year or so. See what you think!

UCM Ships

UCM Fleet Reporting!

The fleet above and below are for the UCM and they're looking insanely awesome. What I love about them is that they have the tried and tested 'brute force' look of the rest of the UCM that you see in Dropzone Commander but with a bit more of a High Sci-Fi Edge to them...

Battleship (Front)



Heavy Cruiser

Strike Carriers

Brilliant models I think you'll agree and it should be interesting to see how the other fleets develop too. I can't wait to see how the PHR turn out and what kind of ships they get!

Dropfleet Info

Here's the information we got from them in the newsletter...

  • Dropfleet will be an Orbital Combat game in which the vast majority of your games will take place in orbit above a planet's surface. The game has been designed for this from the ground up by Andy Chambers and is an entirely new and unique ruleset.
  • A typical gaming table is 4'x4' and will show the surface of a planet rather than the more typical 'starfield' style space combat table. The area covered will be around the size of a large European country/US State.
  • Delivering your troops to targets on the surface will be crucial for victory and most missions will be tactical and objective focused. Space stations, static defences, ground troops, cities and other scenery play an integral part in the game.
  • Three altitude layers (High Orbit, Low Orbit and Atmosphere) are present in games and have various effects. Only certain ships (such as Strike Carriers) can go atmospheric and each layer has advantages and disadvantages in different tactical situations.
  • Weapons range is neither absolute nor fixed. It can change based on the power of your ship's scanners, the enemy ship's signature and the enemy's actions (firing several weapons greatly increases a ships signature for example). Stealth is frequently crucial!
  • A framework for linking games of Dropfleet and Dropzone will be present in the rulebook, opening up many exciting possibilities for campaigns and narrative settings.

...which all sounds awesome!

New Units!

As well as all the cool news about the Dropfleet game there are some new units coming your way for Dropzone Commander including sprues for these folks...

New Units

...and some new Commander Units too which will be fantastic to see come to life in new and interesting forms.

Famous Commanders

I think the new Commanders offer a nice new look at the factions for this game and the Scourge beasts in particular are not only going to be superb models but also a painters dream I reckon. I also love that dude with the big cannon!

Avenger Build Diary Coming Soon

Also, do you remember this?

Avenger (Full)

Well, we're going to be working with Hawk Wargames to put together a mini-series showing off how this monster was built so watch this space for that one.

Are you loving the look of the new ships?

"...we're going to be working with Hawk Wargames to put together a mini-series showing off how this monster was built so watch this space for that one."

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