The Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Launches & Funds!

October 30, 2015 by brennon

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The Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter from Hawk Wargames has now launched allowing you to begin pledging on their Starter Box for the game which includes both the Scourge and UCM locked in deadly combat around a planet...

Dropfleet Commander

The Game

A game of Dropfleet Commander has you taking control of a fleet of ships and using a rules system by Hawk and Andy Chambers you then duke it out in battles that don't take place in deep space but instead in orbit around planets.

Core Rulebook

Some of the fascinating aspects of this game from the rules are that ranges are effectively infinite in space so targeting and shooting is all based on the signature of your ship. This is influenced by your speed, the amount of weapons you're firing and more.

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

As well as the combat taking place in orbit there are additional objectives for games of Dropfleet where you have to take control of key points on the planet below while also keeping the skies clear. This is a multi-levelled game even though you're doing all of your fighting in space.

The Miniatures

The miniatures, in 1:15,000 scale are all expertly made by Hawk Wargames and continue their trend of making wonderful miniatures packed with detail at a small scale. Here you can see both the UCM and Scourge fleet both looking rather impressive indeed.

UCM Fleet

Scourge Fleet

I think that I'm looking at the UCM as my fleet of choice. I really like the design of the ships which has something of the Halo about it. They all look like big floating cities which is exactly what they are.

The Pledges

Of course now we get to the nitty gritty of the pledges. You can get your hands on the miniatures you've seen above, the rulebook, and also some additional extras like the Dice, Tape Measure, Tokens and Gaming Mat showing a planet surface...

Dice & Tap Measure

Game Mat

Further from that we have a different selection of pledge levels...

  • Lieutenant - Rulebook & Starter Fleet
  • Commander - Two Player Starter Set
  • Captain - Two Player Starter Set + Special Edition Ship
  • Admiral - Everything + Beta Access

...and there will also be additional support with Bolt Ons. The Bolt Ons include additional gaming mats and also the Atlantis Class Battlecruiser which you see below as an exclusive.

Atlantic Class Battleship

Keep an eye out for our Dropfleet Weekend videos as we'll be taking you through the game as it stands and talking tactics with Simon from Hawk Wargames.

Are you liking the look of the game so far?

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