Advent Art & More For Dropzone Commander

December 10, 2014 by brennon

Hawk Wargames have put together another advent calender this year although the focus has now shifted from miniature previews to a lot of different pieces of artwork from the game. First off however is the Shaltari model for a new unit on the tabletop...

Shaltari Model

As you can see it's quite the interesting looking vehicle that is no doubt another hovering hive of guns. I do like all the detail that you see wrought into the surface of pretty much everything the Shaltari put on the battlefield.

PHR Immortal

PHR Siren

Scourge Razorworm

Scourge Warrior

As I mentioned as well as the miniature preview there's also a whole bunch of artwork from their resident artist. Patrice is very good at bringing the world of Dropzone Commander to life and giving you a look at all those situations that might get lost in the massive battlefields of the future.

Shaltari Brave

Shaltari Firstborn

UCM Colonial Legionnaire

UCM Praetorian

The artwork really is impressive and shows off troopers from all of the different factions (apart from The Resistance right now). Hopefully we'll see a lot more as the month moves on as well as a few more model previews!

Which is your favourite piece of artwork from those above?

Let us know!

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