The Dropzone Commander Website IS LIVE!

June 8, 2012 by brennon

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Dropzone Commander is probably one of, if not the main, hot topics with us right now. The game from Hawk Wargames comes with so many amazing miniatures it has us squealing like little school girls. So without further ado, the Dropzone Commander web site is LIVE RIGHT NOW.

Also check out some of these amazing images.

Post-Human Republic

Post-Human Republic Army Advances

Post-Human Republic Dropships

Post-Human Republic Walkers in Snow

The Post-Human Republic are probably the faction that I personally am very much behind. It might be because they have something called the 'Odin Heavy Walker' but the mix of sleek designs and heavy weaponry makes them astounding to the eye. They have an amazing look when they're all together as you can see in the collective images above.

United Colonies of Mankind

United Colonies of Mankind APCs

United Colonies of Mankind Army Advances

United Colonies of Mankind Army in the Woods

The United Colonies of Mankind are certainly a more rough and ready force. The vehicles smack of practicality and seem as if they have gone through rigorous battlefield testing. With Alien and Cyborg forces bearing down on them from all sides you would hope this is the case. Driving through the shattered remains of humanity these guys seem like they have paid a heavy price.

Shaltari Tribes

Shaltari Warstrides in Forests

Shaltari Army in City

Now this is a faction with an interesting twist. The first thing to springs to mind when I see them is "Oh My God its the Halo Covenant!" and you can forgive me for that when you spy their Jaguar Walkers and Angular designs. While not my favourite I think that this could be the Alien race I would spring for in the far future of 10mm Sci-Fi battle.

The Scourge

The Scourge Infests

The Scourge Dropship Attacks

An interesting faction to be sure. The Scourge have that bug like appearance of an Alien race hell bent on extermination. The chitinous style plating on their vehicles and that eerie purple paint scheme mark these guys out as someone to avoid.

On top of the wonderful images you see above there is the Modular Terrain. Each building comes in separate blocks so you can build them up as high or indeed as wide as you wish. As well as giving a sense of scale to the miniatures themselves it means no board need ever be the same. Fancy fighting in the middle of a city? Build the structures to high rise level. Fancy going out into the suburbs for a bit of open warfare? Then lower it down and spread it out.

Also, if you fancy checking out some of the models in various stages of painting before you choose some yourselves check out the new Progress Log (Plog) on our forums right here: Dropzone Commander Painting Plog.

Which faction will you ally with when the time comes?

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