More Dropzone Commander Goodies from Hawk Wargames!

May 21, 2012 by brennon

It's been a busy weekend filled with Dropzone Commander miniatures so here is a collection of what you may have missed from Hawk Wargames...

Desolator - The Scourge

Jaguar Warstrider - Shaltari Tribes

Janus Scout Walker - Post-Human Republic

First up are a nice group of walkers from across the factions. Once again the sleek and clean design of the Post-Human Republic goes up against the jagged alien work on both the Shaltari and Scourge walkers. The Jaguar Warstrider reminds me a lot of the massive Scarab walkers in Halo.

Wolverine Scout Buggy - United Colonies of Mankind

Yari Light Tanks - Shaltari Tribes

Not to be left out, the United Colonies of Mankind bring some lightning fast Scout Buggies to the field, but will they survive against the hovering power of the Yari Light tanks? Is it bad that I want to see what kind of wreckage Hawk Wargames can come up with just to add to the drama of the battlefield?

Once again some superb models for Dropzone Commander.

What's your favourite?

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