Dropzone Commander Gets Scaled Up for Collector’s Edition Minis!

May 29, 2014 by dracs

There can be no doubt that Dropzone Commander has some of the best vehicular based sculpts out there, and plenty of people have longed for them to come in a larger scale. Now those prayers are answered as Hawk release the first of their Collector's Editions.

Ares Battle Walker 30mm

Ares Battle Walker

The Ares Battle Walker of the Post-Human Republic has been the first to get scaled up to 30mm, although Hawk Wargames say this goes way beyond a simple scale-up.

There have been some modifications for the larger scale, including more details and fully posable legs and toes. The model itself is reportedly made from high quality tough resin, meaning that it could easily be used for skirmish level gaming, as well as a simple display piece.

Ares Battle Walker Back

Ares Battle Walker Front

Ares Battle Walker Underside

The detail of this model is absolutely astounding, but while it is a collector's piece I can't help but find myself fascinated with the idea of Dropzone Commander being scaled up for 30mm skirmish games. What sort of changes to the traditional Dropzone Commander rules would there have to be to make such a game work?

Is your Dropzone Commander force going to grow in scale?

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