New Dropzone Commander Special Edition Book & Models Up For Pre-Order

July 24, 2015 by brennon

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Hawk Wargames have dropped (hehe) a lot of awesome Dropzone Commander stuff on wargamers today with not only a new Special Edition Book now up for pre-order but also a whole bunch of new models for all of the factions in the game. See what you think of them and the book below...

New Book

So what is different about this new hardback tome? Well it has been re-imagined with a new cover image and will be limited to 1500 copies. There are also twenty new pages and over fifty new pieces of artwork encased within.

Dropzone Commander Special Edition Rulebook

Inside you have...

  • Core Rules: All the rules you need to play.
  • Background: Rich and detailed setting for the DzC game universe, as well as in depth background for all four races and their units. You'll be in no doubt as to where you're fighting, why you're fighting and who you're fighting with!
  • Army Lists: The full stats, lists and special rules for all four races.
  • Scenarios: A wide selection of scenarios to keep your games fresh!
  • Colour Schemes: A wide selection of colour schemes and camouflage patterns are showcased for each race, giving you plenty of inspiration when painting your armies! Further hobby tips, articles and information will be made available from our downloads section in the coming weeks.
  • Guest Painters Pages: Some inspiring work by keen gamers and painters unaffiliated with Hawk Wargames.
  • Index: Double page index of terms and key phrases.

So, basically this is a great collectors piece for anyone who is really into the world of Dropzone Commander. You can then use your existing book for gaming and keep this one on the mantlepiece so you can gawp at the lovely artwork.

As well as the book there are new miniatures too!


The UCM get some heavy firepower with the rather epic looking Heavy Hazard Suits and then some additional weapon teams with both Flak and Mortar capabilities. You'll be laying down a lot more infantry fire with these folks showing you don't just need vehicles to win the war!

Heavy Hazard Suits

Legionnaire Flak Teams

Legionnaire Mortar Teams

I particularly like the Heavy Hazard Suits from their collection of new infantry. It's about time that the humans got more ground troops with a bit more of a kick to them.

Post-Human Republic

The Post-Human Republic have probably got the coolest set of new releases I'd say. I think they have always been quite the good looking part of the Dropzone Commander family so it's no surprise...

Immortal Longreach Team


The two units above are the Immortal Longreach Team and the Valkyries which are all looking ten shades of awesome. I love the detail that they've gone into with their miniatures and the faceless helmets of the Longreach team ooze cool.

Medusa & Triton

There is also the Medusa & Triton set as another special character for the PHR on the tabletop. Floating on a cloud of nanomachines and familiars they are a strange force to be reckoned with and will tear apart their enemies with ease.


Going a little further afield and decidedly more alien the Shaltari were not to be left out when it came to miniatures. They have the Ronin and Samurai models as well as calling in a few favours from the Pungari Auxiliary.



Pungari Auxiliaries

The Shaltari have always had a very Covenant feel to them (think Halo) and so it's neat to see that they've been drafting in other races to do some of the fighting for them as you can see here. It also means that you have something different shape-wise making up your force giving you a diverse collection for the tabletop.


Being a general pain in the bum to everyone within the world of Dropzone Commander the Scourge also have some new models. Troop wise the Eviscerators and Vampires will be fighting on the land and in the air while a deadly terror weapon in the form of the Screamer & Raider will be terrifying your troops.



Screamer & Raider

All of these models help to build the terrifying reputation of the Scourge and as you read the background for Dropzone Commander you can see why they are so feared by the other races and factions in the game. You also gain a renewed respect for the Resistance as they are able to hold out against these terrifying creatures.

The Resistance

Last but not least The Resistance have got their first new release in the shape of these rather awesome Attack ATVs. Much like everything else in their army they have been cobbled together but look stunning...

Attack ATVs

While those might look like traditional grenade launches they are actually Chem-Grenades which deliver a deadly acidic toxin into the air which eats through metal and organic matter with equal ferocity. They certainly learned something from the Scourge and their terrifying weapons.

What will be your pick?

"You can then use your existing book for gaming and keep this one on the mantlepiece so you can gawp at the lovely artwork..."

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"The Post-Human Republic have probably got the coolest set of new releases I'd say..."

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