Dropzone Commander’s Resistance Fight Akira Style On Motorbikes!

July 23, 2014 by dracs

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Despite not having the same level of technological support as the other factions, it looks as if the Resistance of Dropzone Commander will be pretty maneuverable as their latest previews show them riding out on motorbikes.

Resistance Bikers

These bikers will be great for hit and run tactic, striking at tanks or infantry before disappearing around the corner of a building. Usually in Dropzone Commander, infantry best serve in buildings, but these guys look like they need to keep pretty mobile, letting you bring them to wherever your line needs the support.

Of course, sometimes the situation just calls for lots of guns, in which case this latest Resistance vehicle might hover into the fray.

Resistance Hover Gun Platform

As you can see, this hover craft sports a lot more guns than the previous one we saw, most of which look geared towards anti-aircraft.

What has me really interested though is the small car by its side. What is that that it's carrying?

Are you sold on the Resistance yet?

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