Dropzone Previews Continue With Crazy Folk & Helicopters!

July 26, 2014 by brennon

Hawk Wargames continue to show off more from Dropzone Commander's The Resistance with some rather neat looking images of not only an Anti-Air Gun but also a Helicopter and some infantry that I've dubbed 'Crazy Folk' because that seems to fit them best...

Anti-Air Gun


Crazy Folk

First up then we have the Anti-Air Gun that looks like it's going to do some serious damage to whatever Dropship accidentally strays into its path. Hopefully it would put a round right through it and bring the thing crashing down! Following on from that we have the neat Helicopter that will most likely be lending a decent amount of fire support to the ground troops.

Talking of ground troops we get to my affectionately named 'Crazy Folk'. Hopefully that becomes their name in the game, that would be awesome. For want of a better word they look like prisoners or berserkers of some kind and they will be beating up some aliens in close combat.

Are these previews continuing to impress?

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