Eden’s Path: A Story from the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp

March 15, 2015 by dracs

This weekend's Boot Camp has worked its way into the lore of Dropzone Commander, with the players battling across the ruined city of Eden's Path which James of Hawk Wargames introduces us to in this short story.

Eden's Path is the slowly crumbling remains of a once great artistic city. The site of a doomed attempt to counterattack the Scourge invasion, the city has since been left to fall to pieces. However, all is not quiet here as Sara, a member of the last remaining Resistance, looks to the skies...

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As the dust clears on the Boot Camp, it is cool to see just what this world we've been playing in is like. In this story, James sets up the city of Eden's Path, ready for the mighty battles as the armies of the various races come together to claim it. It's fantastic to know that all of us players have had an impact upon Hawk's world.

What do you think of the background?

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