Flying & Striding in the world of Dropzone Commander

May 28, 2012 by brennon

Some more previews and news from the world of Dropzone Commander today. As well as some morsels for you to drool over we have news on the launch and pre-orders for the game...

Triton A1 Strike Dropship - Post-Human Republic

Raven Type-A Light Dropship - United Colonies of Mankind

Now these are Flyers I will be picking up without thinking. I don't think there are actually any words to describe just how amazing that Triton A1 Strike Dropship looks!

Ocelot Warstrider - Shaltari Tribes

Hunter MGT - The Scourge

But the Shaltari and Scourge are not to be left out either this time. Some interesting new RTS style tanks for the purple horrors and of course a new delicate machine of destruction for the Shaltari in their Ocelot Warstrider.

Other news however is that the reveal of the website and ultimately the Pre-Order and release of the models has been put back a few days. Don't worry, its not too long.

Problems with the website and dealing with so many interested parties has had to shift things back a little while with the website going live on the 8th of June and the full release happening on the 23rd of June.

Not too much longer to wait folks!

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