Ground Troops Flood the Battlefield for Dropzone Commander

June 4, 2012 by brennon

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Check out some more models from the world of Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames. This time the ground troops are moving up to support the walkers...

Firstborns - Shaltari Tribes

Praetorians - United Colonies of Mankind

Razorworms - The ScourgeSirens - Post-Human Republic

Another interesting round-up of miniatures. It's great to see more of the Scourge and just what they send out to attack in close quarters. Eerie monsters that have a very different feel from the other factions.

Kodiak Command Vehicle - United Colonies of Mankind

But its not just troops, there are vehicles as well don't worry! Here is the Kodiak Command Vehicle for the United Colonies of Mankind looking very flashy.

If they don't make a Real-Time-Strategy game of this I think someone's missing a trick. Don't forget the website goes live on the 8th of June with the game launching on the 23rd of July.

What do you think of their troopers?

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