Hawk Wargames Continue Advent Calender Sneak Peek Renders

December 12, 2014 by dracs

As we have seen, Hawk Wargames have moved their advent calender along from artwork to previews of upcoming miniatures, the next of which has just appeared. Check out this variant of the UCM Ferrum.

UCM Ferrum

The Ferrum is the UCM's massive drone base, firing out squadrons of eight and constantly replenishing them. It's the UCM's largest ground based vehicle and is a very useful addition to a Dropzone Commander force.

This new render though features a few stylistic differences to the existing model.


The viewing deck is more rounded, with lattice work that suggests it is entirely made up of glass, while the runway itself features a more interesting design. This suggests to me this might be a special Ferrum, possibly a hero's command vehicle?

What do you think this new Ferrum could be?

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