Hawk Wargames Give Us A Look At A UCM Command Bridge

December 17, 2014 by dracs

Hawk Wargames have come out with something slightly different for their latest piece of advent artwork and have shown us just what it is like aboard the UCMS Avenger.

UCMS Avenger

This is the command bridge of one of the UCM's highly advanced dropships and man does it look like a cool working environment. I think we should try and model the BoW offices on this, though the low disco lighting might cause a bit of eye strain when working on videos.

Along with this, the complete image of that new Resistance Hellhog we briefly glimpsed previously has appeared.

Resistance Hellhog

Now we see the full thing it becomes apparent that, while it has taken more than its fair share of damage, it also has more than its fair share of fire power. It has extra missile pods on top of its wings, while the usual guided missiles on the underside have been replaced with something a bit bigger.

What areas of the Dropzone Commander universe do you most want to see?

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