Hawk Wargames New Releases For Dropzone Commander

February 19, 2013 by brennon

Hawk Wargames certainly have been busy behind the scenes it seems. Check out some of their releases for February and March that will expand your Dropzone Commander experience...


Apolo Strike Walkers



Erebos Strike Walker

Ferrum Class Drone Base


Praetorian Sniper Team

Every faction looks to have been catered for in this release and the miniatures are looking much, much better than the earlier waves. The level of detail seems to have been ramped up a considerable degree and we have some fancy looking vehicles and troops to play with.

I'm fairly certain that I would be grabbing the Post-Human Republic if I started Dropzone Commander simply because of those Erebos Strike Walkers.

Are you a Dropzone Commander fan looking for new vehicles?

Let me know what you think of this new selection below.

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