Hawk Wargames Tease The Resistance For Dropzone Commander

July 3, 2014 by brennon

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Hawk Wargames have been showing off a few teasers each day for The Resistance, the new faction in Dropzone Commander. See what you think of what they've shown off so far and there is more to come!

Resistance Sneak Peek #1

Resistance Sneak Peek #2

So far it looks like you have some kind of crazy mining vehicle or indeed a turbine driven 'dropship', my guess is as good as yours! The second is decidedly more easy and features both a schoolbus and a truck that have been adapted for fighting in their post-invasion world. I love the ramshackle look of the faction and it's a great contrast to the existing selection of miniatures.

Will you be keeping a close eye on the Resistance?

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