Heavy Armour, Bikers & Aircraft For Dropzone Commander

July 29, 2014 by brennon

Dropzone Commander is getting another set of previews for The Resistance and this time they are looking to the skies with a rather neat looking aircraft, rolling across rubble with an epic tank, and zooming about on neat Mad Max style bikes...

Resistance Flyer

Resistance Tank

We kick things off with a look at the flyer and the rather amazing looking tank that seems to have been cannibalised from both UCM and PHR machinery. It looks awesome and a bit like the tanks you might see in something like Red Alert. The flyer is an interesting one and while I don't really like the 'bug' look of the cockpit (it looks like it has a whole bunch of weird eyes) it does have cool wings.

Resistance Bikers

Rounding things off we have these bikers with sidecars or space on the back for a passenger to hold on for dear life. They look like they're dragging around some grenade launchers so that should be fun to see blow holes in buildings and mess up infantry.

What do you think?

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