Three New Land Vehicles For Dropzone Commander!

January 15, 2014 by brennon

Hawk Wargames have released three new vehicles for their tabletop wargame, Dropzone Commander. See what you think of the Katana Light Tank, Angelos Jetskimmer, and the Tarantula Battle Strider.

UCM Katana Light Tank

PHR Angelos Jetskimmer

Shaltari Tarantula Battle Strider

These were some of the models that were previewed over the Christmas Advent period and they have turned out very nice indeed. The UCM, PHR and Shaltari have some nice looking new additions and the others will follow soon.

I'm still a lover of the Post Human Republic and their sleek looking designs so they might just be the 'winning' faction for me even if the Angelos Jetskimmer isn't quite as cool as some of the other vehicles.

What do you think?

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