What New Mini are Hawk Bringing to Dropzone Commander?

January 28, 2015 by dracs

Hawk Wargames may be gearing up to their open day and tournament, but they're still working on bringing new stuff for us to gaze in wonder at as they put out a sneak peek in their latest newsletter.

Dropzone Commander Sneak Peek

The render shows off an interestingly insectoid machine. There is some speculation that this could be a second command vehicle for the Scourge. If so, it is an interesting creation, though a different angle would give us a better idea of how it will look on our gaming table.

As well as this cool upcoming mini, Hawk Wargames have revealed a bit of the background for each of the awesome new command minis we saw during the run up to Christmas.

First up for the UCM, we meet Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato.

Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato

Cato is well known for her temper, rebelliousness nature and skills as a fighter pilot. However, when she was badly injured in a battle with the Shaltari, Cato moved onto commanding the whole battlefield from her modified Ferrum class Drone Base.

After Cato, we find the mysterious Scourge known as Eden's Dinosaur.

Eden's Dinosaur

Eden's Dinosaur is something of an anomaly as it appears to be the only one of the lizard warrior hosts from the Scourge's first invasion still alive, well beyond its 200 year lifespan. Now it fulfills a command role from its modified Desolator, using a powerful energy beam weapon to slice through enemy tanks.

For PHR, we find the Grand Vizier Marcus Barros take to the field.

Marcus Barros Grand Vizier

Marcus Barros is the epitome of PHR tactical warfare. Preferring the use of overwhelming fire power to bombard his enemies into oblivion from a safe position, Barros takes to the field in his Hades Type-4 Super Heavy Battle Walker, complete with extra weapons.

Next up comes the command for my faction of choice, the Shaltari.

Warchief Isis the Clairvoyant

Warchief Isis the Clairvoyent reportedly first became known to UCM as a diplomat. However, she has since taken to the battlefield in a Caiman Grav-Tank, equipped with extra shielding and a powerful particle canon.

Finally, we come to the Resistance, who have two new commanders to play with, taking the air with Karl Foley and the ground with Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia.

Karl Foley Prince of New Troy

Karl Foley rose to prominence when his Great Gambit raid proved instrumental in bringing the Reconquest to Eden Prime. He is now one of UCM's staunchest allies, flying to the fight in his souped up J-19 Hellhog Jumpjet.

Salakahn Tyrant of Atlantia

Salakahn, however, stands at the other end of the spectrum. He is a tyrant, who has become infamous with both UCM and the other Resistance factions on Eden Prime. He rides out in a M3 Alexander super heavy battle tank, upgraded with the addition of a PHR energy shield.

All of these new command units have their rules in Reconquest: Phase 1 and will be seeing a release on Saturday the 28th of February. This will bring all manner of new tactical options for Dropzone Commander players to utilise, as well as, of course, some awesome new minis.

As well as this, we have some exciting news for any Dropzone Commander aficionados as Hawk Wargames are on the look out for new Hawk Talons.

Hawk Talon

Hawk Talons help to drum up support for this great game by running tournaments, demoing the game and helping Hawk at events and shows. In return, Talons can earn rewards to help grow their collections and get early access to new rules and units before anyone else does. So if you think you'd be good at promoting the game, why not sign up?

What do you suspect Hawk Wargames are coming out with? Fancy becoming a Talon?

"There is some speculation that this could be a second command vehicle for the Scourge."

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