Get Ready for War! Dropzone Commander Launches

July 26, 2012 by brennon

All of you lucky souls who have placed your pre-orders and been wishing for your armies to appear will now be happy. Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames has officially launched with not just all the models but rules and plenty of other downloads too.

Dropzone Commander Rulebook #1

Dropzone Commander Rulebook #2

The glossy full colour Rulebook is already out there on the webstore so make sure to pick it up along with your models. It certainly looks the part and that cover art is pretty amazing. But to help you along with your projects Hawk Wargames are also supplying you with a few downloads to keep you going...

Dropzone Commander Buildings

First up is a range of Downloadable Buildings to start crafting your city scape. You can grab these from the website, download them to your home computer and print them off at your leisure. With buildings being quite important in the game I'd say that's a grand gesture from the folks at Hawk Wargames.

There is also a wealth of other Downloads including cheat sheets (quick reference sheets) and even carriage tokens so you can tell whats inside what when the battle is getting hectic.

Also if you're interested in finding out more from the man himself then there is going to be a Facebook Live Chat on August 2nd 2012!

The only question that really remains is what force have you chosen, and when are you going to head down to your local gaming store (miniatures should be on the shelves in early August) to pick up some models!

Don't forget there is also a great Progress Log (Plog) here on Beasts of War where a few dioramas for the miniatures have been created.

So have you been waiting patiently or irritably for your Dropzone Commander models?

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