The Resistance Ground Troops Attack In Dropzone Commander

July 15, 2014 by brennon

Some more previews have dropped (naturally) for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. See what you think of this rather cobbled together contraption with an added Scourge gun atop it and of course some of their infantry figures.

Preview #12

Preview #13

The first images, preview #12, looks like it could well be the top of one of those hovercraft vehicles. The Resistance appear to have grabbed some of the Scourge weaponry and somehow worked it into their own systems. That's quite an interesting take on things and not the first army you would have thought they'd snatch from but I want to know the fluff on it for sure!

As well as the vehicles you can't do much in Dropzone Commander without some infantry. The Resistance troops here look a lot more ragtag than the ones we've seen for the UCM and of course any of the alien races. That is to be expected of course and I think this more motley look and feel will draw people in.

Are you already thinking up a new scheme for your new Resistance miniatures?

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