Resistance Get Half-Tracks and Hovercraft in Dropzone Commander

July 21, 2014 by dracs

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Three new previews for the Resistance of Dropzone Commander have appeared, showing three more of the various ground vehicles that the faction will use to face down the Scourge.

First we have another look at one of the Resistance's tanks.

Resistance Tank

This one features a lot more patch jobs than the images we have previously seen. According to one commentator on Hawk Wargame's Facebook, there is a lot of similarity between this tank and the American WWII Sherman tanks. Not knowing much about tanks, I can't say much on this, but I do think that using an older design helps to cement the idea of this faction using outdated tech.

Along with the tank we have a cool hover carrier.

Resistance Hover Platform

This hover platform is a bit of an odd addition to the line-up, but I think it will probably serve in the same capacity as the transports of other factions, delivering infantry and tanks to where they are needed, depending on the size of the hover carrier of course.

Finally, we come to a vehicle that looks a bit speedier than any of the Resistance's other tech.

Resistance Half-Track

This half-track is a strange amalgamation of race car and military vehicle. My guess is that this could serve as the command vehicle for the Resistance, given that it is undoubtedly more stylish than the other vehicles we have seen, and officers always like to travel in style.

What are your thoughts on the new faction for Dropzone Commander? Do you like these latest previews?

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