Shelter In Dropzone Commanders New Bunker Complex

June 25, 2014 by brennon

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Hawk Wargames have added some more scenery to the world of Dropzone Commander. See what you think of the M116 Bunker Complex Scenery Pack that comes with five shelters...

Bunker Complex Scenery Pack

Bunker Complex (Scale)

Bunker Complex (Rear)

It's quite a smart piece of kit and here are the details on it...

"Often, only a few entrances betray the presence of massive subterranean structures at least as developed as the skyscrapers visible on the surface. This particular structure, the M116 Standard Bunker Entrance, is the most common visible element of underground military installations across the Colonies and Cradle Worlds. Its design has changed little over the years due to its effectiveness, low cost and prodigious toughness. Indeed, the M116 is rated to survive the blast wave of a 10 Megaton nuclear detonation.

The M116 is also equipped with an integrated missile defence system, allowing occupying troops to fire upon aggressors without putting themselves in harm's way. In most situations, the only effective ways to eliminate dug in troops is to somehow get your own troops inside, where a vicious close quarter battle is certain to erupt!" the key is close combat! As long as you can avoid those missiles I think you'll be alright but it would be a very interesting scenario including these in your games.

Do you think they'll appear in your games?

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