Sneak a Peak at What’s Dropping into Dropzone Commander

June 6, 2013 by dracs

In their latest news letter Hawk Wargames have announced that there will be new releases for all four factions of Dropzone Commander and have released these tormenting teasers to get us hyped.


UCM Unit Preview


PHR Preview


Scourge Aircraft Preview


Shaltari Construct Preview

Hmm, some intriguing close ups there. The PHR and Shaltari ones are particularly interesting. It looks like the PHR are getting something big!

Given Hawk's track record with miniatures, whatever these turn out to be their miniatures are bound to be excellent. The game itself is definitely growing and gaining traction, so I would not be surprised if these start appearing on tabletops near you soon.

Can of you venture a guess as to what these are?

Thanks to admiralbiatch1991 for pointing this out to us.

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