Teasers Hint At Resistance Goodies For Dropzone Commander!

July 8, 2014 by brennon

Hawk Wargames have a bunch more previews for you to indulge in as The Resistance makes themselves known in Dropzone Commander. Soon you'll be reclaiming Earth a portion at a time from those damn alien scum!

Resistance Peek #5

Resistance Peek #6

Resistance Peek #7

I might be wrong but are number 5 and 7 actually for some kind of hovercraft vehicle? One of them looks like a regular transport of sorts while number 7 is very clearly armed to the teeth. Number 6 is a little bit different and is almost the Resistance's version of a Batmobile!

I love that they've continued to provide this cobbled together look where huge plates of metal are being used across the miniatures to show the repairs they do on the fly. What do you think of this latest batch of previews?

Let me know below!

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