Bring Your Dropzone Board To Ruin With Hawk Wargames

October 23, 2013 by brennon

Hawk Wargames have got a very nice terrain set on the way for Dropzone Commander that puts a whole new spin on the city fighting you take part in with this glorious game. See what you think of the massive Ruinscape...

Ruinscape #1

Ruinscape #2

Ruinscape #3The set comes with...

- All the scenery you need for large games of DZC (6' x 4' table)
- Can be built to 4' x 4' size, suitable for most standard DZC games
- Double sided 1' x 1' ground tiles provide customisable surface
- 24 Ground tile face designs allow for thousands of combinations!
- 20 Different card buildings in 5 sizes - vibrant, coated finish
- Pre-prepared buildings allow for fast assembly - no cutting required
- Multiple sets can be combined easily to create massive game boards!
- Compatible with highly detailed resin parts and free to download self-print scenery (available here)
- Flat, rigid base surface recommended (e.g. tabletop, foamcore, MDF or plywood)
- You can glue or tape ground tiles down once you have determined your optimum layout for maximum solidity.

Ruinscape #4

Ruinscape #5

Now that is a lot of very simple to put together and easy to use terrain wouldn't you say? I might not know a lot about the game but I do like the aesthetic these chaps have gone for and it really does bring the background and the races within it to life.

You also saw how easily the starter set terrain went together and this will be no different. You can easily get a very big battlefield up and running and if you split the cost of it with your gaming club it would be even better. That's one nice looking blasted gamescape.

Will you be buying this set?

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