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January 13, 2014 by warzan

Just before Christmas I signed up to take part in the Dropzone Commander Open Weekend and 2 Day Tournament.

If you have any interest in Dropzone Commander you really should come down and join me and @lloyd, as we get stuck into this awesome game.

Dropzone Commander

Tournament Pack UKThe tournament takes place in Croyden on the 1st and 2nd of February, and you can find the Tournament Pack here, and a Visitors Guide here.

NOTE: If you're in the US you will want to check out INVASION USA at Templecon on the 6th February 2014.

Another Tournament! … Why?

To put it simply, my experience with Flames of War For The Win, changed me as a gamer. I see tournaments and events like this in a very different way than I used to.

Whereas before I would avoid them like the plague, I now see attending events as a crucial part of the newcomers experience of their hobby.

It’s a fantastic way to get in some great games, and come away with some fantastic stories of battle, and that is what brings my hobby to life!. (It also gives me amazing excuses to buy new units for my armies and change things up lol)

At the FOW European GT myself and my partner in crime Dave attended, I met so many fantastic people, and had such a great time, that as I sit here I’m actually missing the guys we played against lol!

Flames of War GT

I have long admired Dropzone Commander, and I want to get stuck in, so this event is an absolute must for me.

Getting Ready

Dropzone Commander

Over Christmas I picked up two studio armies that myself and Lloyd have been working away on, 1500 pts UCM and Scourge forces. During the coming weeks, we’re going to report back on our armies, how we built them and our experiences of learning about them and playing them.

We will be approaching this bite size, so you are most welcome to join us and report back your own experiences. (Hint: we started with the awesome 2 player starter set)

Dropzone Commander

Join Us

So again if you are interested in this game I highly recommend, hooking up with myself and @lloyd down at the event on the 1st and 2nd of February in Croydon.

If you don’t fancy competing in the tournament worry not as it's also the Hawk Wargames Open Weekend, where I’m sure there will be a ton of awesome stuff on display and goodies to be had.

Hope you can join us!

"We will be approaching this bite size, so you are most welcome to join us..."

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"If you don’t fancy competing in the tournament worry not as it’s also the Hawk Wargames Open Weekend"

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