Duel Fighters Show Dark Vs Light With New Sorcerer

December 12, 2013 by brennon

Duel Fighters from Scale Games has unleashed the next stage of their Kickstarter campaign with Lisbeth the Shadowmancer. See what you think of this dark spellweaver who will be going up against Irina...

Lisbeth Shadowmancer

As you can see she seems to be a Drow and in typical 'evil' style has decided the best course of action is to pick up a staff and start casting evil spells. It's going to be neat seeing what they can come up with model wise for Lisbeth and if they will keep the same stance as the artwork or something more dynamic for the duel.

Irina Final Render

As a partner in her duel we have the final render of Irina clad in her heavy armour and using that bad ass sword and shield. She is turning out very well indeed and the only thing I don't quite like is the fact she has 'heels' on her armoured boots. Apart from that she's pretty awesome.

Looks like the Duel Fighter line-up is expanding nicely! There is also a mechanics video above showing how it all works.

What do you think?

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