Scale Games Show Off Finalised Female Duel Fighter

December 6, 2013 by brennon

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Scale Games' Duel Fighters is continuing in fine form and they have unlocked the stretch goal for Irina the Sacred Blade so you now have a female fighter entering this duelling arena.

Irina Sacred Blade

Irina's Face

She's wearing plenty of armour, looks like she could handle herself and seems cool to boot. I'd say they have hit the nail on the head with this one. She reminds me of a practical-for-battle Sophitia from Soul Calibur with that sword and shield.

Irina is also exclusive to Kickstarter as you can see above so if you do want her you're going to have to pick her up via your pledges.

New Female Fighter Preview

The next preview also arrived for another female fighter and she looks to be taking a different route, going for the roguish mage look instead. I wonder if she is going to be a Drow or if she'll actually be a different kind of elf?

Some very nice looking stuff from Scale Games and plenty of models well worth picking up.

What do you think of this new female warrior?

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