Stunning 75mm Duel Fighters Comes To Kickstarter

November 26, 2013 by brennon

Scale Games have taken to Kickstarter with some awesome looking miniatures and a very neat sounding game. They have moved away from mass battles and instead focused on two epic warriors slugging it out with Duel Fighters in 75mm!

Duel Fighters Boxes

Duel Fighter Heroes

The game sees you playing as one of the six heroes above (for now) and then taking to the battlefield to beat the living snot out of each other in true cinematic style. Plenty of epic one-liners and twists in the combat are likely to come out with this one it seems.

Gameplay Example

From watching the video on the Kickstarter page it also looks like the game uses a card based mechanic for both your actions and your movement. You seem to move along the cards, probably having to choose which ones to put aside while you swing away with your weapons and choose actions carefully.

Lesdinn Vs Brock

It helps that the models for this look utterly amazing. Above you can see one of the boxed sets for Lesdinn and Brock, I think Brock might be my favourite. Although these two below are coming in a close second and third!

Harald The Wit


I like the idea that these chaps are taking what would be display level pieces, ones you'd never consider being used for gaming, and actually thinking up some mechanics to go with them. If nothing else you're picking up some brilliant looking miniatures.


The chaps behind this Kickstarter have given us some very nice looking miniatures to drool over as an update. See what you think of these added heroes coming in the future!

Renhius & Ernakh

Ragnard - Northern Warrior

As well as their deadly new warriors, who are looking very nice indeed, they also have plans for female warriors in the future and have also provided you with some choices when it comes to how you get your miniatures.

Assembled Figures

Component Parts

Do you think you'd pick this up?

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