Fully Painted Heroes & Villains For Mantic’s Dungeon Sagas!

August 2, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have shown off the fully painted heroes for Dungeons Sagas: Dwarf King's Quest and some of the painted enemies too! Some of these you will have seen before but with a release date for the Kickstarter soon this is certainly building up some nice hype!

Dungeon Sagas Painted Heroes & Enemies

As you can see you have the Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard and Warrior there in all their splendor alongside some rather neat undead. We've seen the chap with the sword and shield before but the bare-bones with the scythe is new. A nice nod to the original contents and weapon choices of the skeletons in HeroQuest!

You can also check out the teaser trailer above for the campaign which launches on Monday the 4th of August!

Are you excited?

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