A Screaming Banshee & Dwarf Warrior For Mantic’s Dungeons!

July 24, 2014 by brennon

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Following on from the neat reveals yesterday with Mantic Games' Ronnie Renton and the interview he did with Warren about Dwarf King's Quest/Dungeon Sagas we have some more artwork for both the heroes and the villain! Delve deep with Rordin the Dwarf and your enemy, Elshara the Banshee!


First up we have said tank of a fighter, Rordin, with his massive hammer and clad in chunky Dwarf armour. I like that they've built on the existing look of the Mantic Dwarfs but moved away from the hunched over 'head in shoulders' thing that they did with their regular infantry. As with all the different heroes for the Dwarfs I think this one will be awesome.


And now comes yours enemy. Elshara will be the Banshee that you face on a special boss tile deep in the dungeon and is a servant of the undead lord that has taken up residence. A great piece of artwork once again and I hope that this means we'll be seeing the same flowing lines and tattered robes in the final sculpt.

Are you excited?

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