Weave Spells With Danor The Wizard In Dwarf King’s Quest

July 19, 2014 by brennon

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Dwarf King's Quest and indeed Dungeon Sagas is seeing another hero enter its tavern with Danor the Wizard which was previewed by Mantic Games last night. What do you think of this spellslinger?

Danor Wizard

He is quite the cool looking spellcaster and indeed has a tinge of the evil about him as well which is quite cool. I like to have my Wizards be a little corrupted by the power they wield. I do hope that this Danor is decidedly more survivable than the poor Wizard in HeroQuest. I played a game recently and the wizard got rushed by Goblins and killed within the first few turns!

It's going to be awesome to see the finished miniatures for these heroes and hopefully we'll be able to bring you a look at them sooner rather than later!

What spells will you weave with Danor?

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