WizKids Release Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing!

October 30, 2014 by brennon

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WizKids have released Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing on the world so you can now go out to your local gaming store and pick up your Starter Set complete with three snarling Dragons!

D&D Attack Wing

D&D Attack Wing Box

The set comes with all the components and such that you'll need to play the game which uses the FlightPath Maneuver System. You get a Red, Blue and Copper Dragon and there are a range of different scenarios for you to play through too.

There are also expansion sets coming out alongside the main set including Green Dragon, Sun Elf Wizard, Frost Giant, Sun Elf Guard Troop, Hobgoblin, Dwarven Ballista and Wraith Expansion Packs. I wont lie; as much as I like the idea of some of the ground troops I am all about just using loads of Dragons!

Will you be getting it?

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