New Creatures & Cults From Gale Force Nine For D&D

June 18, 2015 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine have showed off some more of the models coming out for their Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series including Dragon Cultists and some more for the Elemental Evil campaign including an Earth Myrmidon and Marlos Urnryale & Priest...

Dragon Cultists

The big story running throughout much of Dungeons & Dragons is that the Dragons are rising to fight alongside either Tiamat or Bahamut so obviously there are going to be some Dragon Cultists popping up...

Dragon Cultists #1

Dragon Cultists #2

"Severin, keeper of the red dragon mask and the visionary leader of the cult, schemes to build a new dragon empire in Faerun. Varram, Severin’s friend, is awarded the honor of keeper of the white dragon mask. While Talis the half elf breaks with Severin to form her own alliance of cultists believing she is the rightful bearer of the white dragon mask. And finally there is Rezmir, this half black dragon is a formidable warrior to all of her foes."

Earth Myrmidon

As well as the Dragons there is something dangerous and elemental brewing. We've seen Air and Water Myrmidons before but the latest one focuses on the power of the Earth itself...

Earth Myrmidon #1

Earth Myrmidon #2

"Elemental myrmidons are elementals conjured and bound by magic into ritually created suits of plate armor. In this form, they possess no recollection of their former existence as free elementals. They exist only to follow the commands of their creators."

Marlos Urnrayle & Priest

Of course you need someone to summon these kind of Earth Elementals into the fighting and that's where Marlos Urnrayle and his Priest come in. See what you think of this double set...

Marlos Urnrayle & Priest #1

Marlos Urnrayle & Priest #2

"Marlos Urnrayle is the earth prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, and the leader of the Cult of the Black Earth. He was once a vain and cruel human nobleman who turned to a magical ring to preserve his beauty. The ring transformed Urnrayle into a medusa and drove him mad. He delights in petrifying his foes—especially those of great physical beauty—and smashing all but their horrified faces to rubble.

He leaves their faces intact so he can revel in their expressions of surprise and terror."

I'm not overly sold on Marlos and his Priest as a pair of miniatures, mainly because of their stances and the weird long robes that the Priest is wearing. Away from that though the Earth Myrmidon and the Dragon Cultists are looking very good indeed.

What do you think?

"We've seen Air and Water Myrmidons before but the latest one focuses on the power of the Earth itself..."

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