Critical Role Breaks Kickstarter With Vox Machina Animation Project

March 11, 2019 by brennon

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The team behind the amazing Dungeons & Dragons Livestream, Critical Role, took to Kickstarter last week to fund their animation project for a Vox Machina-based special. They were hoping to make one small episode for the fans but it has blossomed into a full series...and they've broken pretty much every Kickstarter record out there.

As this unit is asked to test its mettle in battle (morale tests and the like) they can accrue Faith Tokens.

For anyone who doesn't know who Vox Machina are, it is the Critical Role team of adventurers from Campaign One of their livestreamed show. Grog, Vex, Vax, Pike, Scanlan, Keyleth and Percy have found a place in the hearts of many and the team have always wanted to bring them to the screen in animated form. Thankfully, that is now a reality.

Vox Machina Animated - Critical Role

The story will be a pre-stream adventure which follows the characters through an adventure when they were around Level 7. However, with the addition of more Kickstarter funds, the team are also developing this story into a full-on series which will also encompass the Briarwood Arch, one of the most intense adventures from the first campaign.

The team are also drawing on the talents of many of their industry friends to make this a reality, having a hand in the process at every step. You can see the teaser introduction they produced down below...

Of course, the team are going to be voicing their own characters in the animation a Critter, I can't wait. Critical Role was the reason I got back into Dungeons & Dragons after a really long hiatus and I have loved watching/listening to all 115 episodes and 373 hours of gameplay from that first adventure.

Critical Role Cast - Critical Role

To put things into perspective about their current fundraiser, they were originally looking for a goal of $750,000. They have now rocketed through that and at the time of writing they are at nearly $7 Million. This equates to just over £5 Million!

The pledge levels haven't changed since the campaign begun with stretch goals looking to expand on the show rather than physical rewards for backers. You can either go in low or go really...really...high.

Vox Machina Pledges - Critical Role

It's a shame that you don't get what I'd consider a 'real' reward until you look to drop $100. It would have been nice to see the dice for example, or maybe the cards, at lower pledge levels so there's something physical alongside the early access to the show.

However, these guys have the love of a vibrant and expansive community and I cannot wait to see how this all comes together.

Have you backed their campaign?

" the time of writing they are at nearly $7 Million!"

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