Critical Role Returns With New D&D Campaign 11/1/2018

January 9, 2018 by brennon

This one is for the Critters amongst the community (I know there are a few of you!). Critical Role returns for its new Dungeons & Dragons campaign this Thursday on January 11th at 7pm Pacific Time.

Critical Role - New Campaign

A completely new cast of characters will be heading off on a new adventure set many years after the trials and tribulations of Vox Machina. As someone who followed these folks all the way through their adventures, it's going to be both fascinating to see what the group do next, and of course sad that we bid farewell to the heroes that sparked the imaginations of so many viewers.

In the spirit of it, the folks from Critical Role also created this ace retro D&D poster...

Critical Role -Retro Poster

Whilst I know a lot of us here probably don't do a lot of role-playing I would highly suggest you check out the first episode of this new series. Critical Role did a lot to inspire me back into creating adventures for Dungeons & Dragons and reminded me why it's my favourite part of the tabletop hobby.

Of course, for us over here in Europe we're going to have to be up quite late to catch this live BUT you will always be able to catch up a few days later on Youtube or via Twitch if you have a subscription to their channel.

Are you going to be watching?

"I would highly suggest you check out the first episode of this new series..."

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