Dig Deep With Gale Force Nine For Iggwilv’s Treasure

January 10, 2014 by brennon

The Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series from Gale Force Nine continues to expand with a new dynamic pairing in Iggwilv's Treasure. See what you think of this hapless Dwarf adventurer and his vampire-based doom.

Iggwilv’s Treasure (Front)

Iggwilv’s Treasure (Rear)

As the blurb on the back of the set says this shows off the real treasure of Iggwilg's tombs, his daughter Drelzna. You have in this set then a perfect enemy NPC for your party of adventurers to fight alongside a great Dwarf character to use as a players figure.

You might actually also be able to get away with using Drelzna as a hero if you just didn't paint her with the evil streak! She could easily be a human fighter.

Another great little set that tells a good snapshot of narrative.

What do you think?

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