Download Matt Mercer’s Vin Diesel Witch Hunter Class For D&D

October 20, 2015 by brennon

If you haven't watched the D&Diesel video from Geek & Sundry and Nerdiest yet then - well, what are you doing? Go and watch it HERE right now. Then you can download the class that Vin Diesel played, a Witch Hunter, and use him in your own games of Dungeons & Dragons...

Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter is based off of Matt Mercer's love for The Witcher, a Polish Fantasy series that was made into an alarmingly good series of video games. It also brings in aspects of Vin Diesel's new movie, The Last Witch Hunter, which you can see a trailer for above.

Witch Hunter Preview

There are three different types of Witch Hunter presented in the PDF Download which include the Order Of The Ghostslayer, Order Of The Profane Soul and Order Of The Mutant. The main thing that ties them all together are their Blood Rites which enable you to tie elemental power into your weapons to hunt different foes.

The Profane Soul brings out the Spellcaster in the Witch Hunter but I would have to go for the Mutant with their potions giving you various benefits.

This is a very well made product and there is a lot of care and attention throughout the class. I'm sure it would be a lot of fun to play!

Which Order would you fight for?

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