Take A Look Inside The New Dungeons & Dragons Books!

August 7, 2014 by brennon

Wizards of the Coast have been previewing the innards of their Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition books for the past few weeks over on their Facebook page and as well as some Players Handbook sneak peeks the next crop of previews is going to be from the Monster Manual!

Monster Manual Front Page

Above is the first sneak peek at it, and that's the inside cover for the book. It shows a rather nicely painted dragon about to no doubt devour a town full of villagers and burn it to the ground. I have to say the artwork, alongside the revamped and well developed game rules, is a big draw for this game. It's utterly astounding.




Above are some of the preview pages that appeared via the Facebook page which showed off the Paladin class, the Tiefling race and one of the backgrounds, the Hermit. Backgrounds are a great addition to the game and they really help flesh out a character beyond the simple 'I am a Fighter, I smash things' archetype that we've been used to seeing. It's a nice carry over from the later additions to 4th Edition.

Gone over all is the feel of it being a 'game' and we're returning to a Dungeons & Dragons that 'feels' right. I have been reading the Starter Set adventure for a campaign beginning this weekend and I am very, very excited.

Have you got a hold of the Starter Set yourself?

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