Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Announced

January 9, 2012 by beerogre

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No it's not April, so this is real!

It seems that D&D 5th edition will be given a special premier at Gen Con 2012...

From the Wizards of the Coast press release:

We have begun obtaining feedback from a limited Friends & Family playtest consisting of internal employees and their gaming groups and soon we will be expanding that group to consist of members from our existing body of playtesters. Then at the D&D Experience convention in late January, Wizards of the Coast will conduct a special playtest of ideas currently in development. The D&D Experience will be moving to Gen Con in 2013, so as a convention special this year, we will be offering show attendees a first-look at a draft of the new set of rules. Then beginning sometime in the spring, we will begin open playtesting. Through our web site, we will release a growing set of rules, classes, monsters and other materials for your study and feedback. We seek to reach as many people as possible, from the gamer who just started with D&D last week to the gaming group that has been together since the early-1970s. For this process to work, we want to give a voice to all D&D fans and players of all previous editions of the game.

It looks like the guys over at Wizards of the Coast are looking for feedback. Although I doubt "make the game more like 3.5" will be very effective at getting their attention.

As a staunch supporter and player of 4th edition, I'll be very interested to see the direction they take this.

What are the thoughts of you D&D players out there?

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