Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Reviewed

October 7, 2011 by brennon

I love a good Dungeons & Dragons game. Be it with friends around a table, or through a game like Neverwinter Nights or Daggerdale. So being able to get my Dungeon Delving fix through the medium of social networking was something that always appealed to me. A few years ago when 4th Edition had just been released Wizards of the Coast put out a quick and easy Facebook game which allowed you to quest with heroes and fight alongside your mates in very simplistic quests.

Soon enough the game fell into disrepair and vanished completely from Facebook. Now, not far away is the release of Neverwinter on the PC, a brand new free to play MMO which is going to set you back on the road to internet greatness. So like any good massive PC launch there had to be some interesting stuff in the run up to it. Enter Heroes of Neverwinter.

Yes, its a Facebook game but its a whole lot better than the average fodder. What Heroes of Neverwinter does is boil down the essence of D&D into a portable, 'fun in a few minutes' format.

The game allows you to take on the role of a Dragonborn, Eladrin, Halfling or Human with the classes Fighter, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue. Massive amounts of powers and talents are at your disposal all of which you can use in the myriad assortment of dungeons and encounters throughout the lands around Neverwinter.

Hire your friends from town, or random folk from the tavern. Spectate on others using your hero and give buffs to them as they fight through dungeons. It really is a pretty fantastic social D&D game.

For a social experience its not a bad one, and interesting to play through with your regular group of gamers looking for a quick D&D fix when you can't make a session. It's not easy either with some quick challenging dungeons on the way to level 10 which caps the game. However all is not over once you hit it! At level 10 the game allows you to make and share your own dungeons with the Facebook Community!

Come join my Wizard Balthasar on his quest to level 10!

Why not check it out at: Neverwinter Nights Facebook Game

... and don't forget... you can like Beasts of War on Facebook HERE too!

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